ILE exists to ensure everyone in Puerto Rico has equal opportunities to unleash their maximum potential and create their own success.

ILE is guided by two fundamental moral principles: human dignity and human potential. For this, our vehicle is the free market and its four pillars:

1 Individual Liberties

The liberty of an individual to exercise those rights generally accepted as being outside of government control.

2 Rule of Law

Concise, consistent, and systematic enforcement of the rule of law, equal protection before the law, and impartial enforcement of breaches of the law, gives everyone a clear understanding of the options available and empowers us to better plan our options.

3 Property Rights

The rights of individuals and organizations to own and use goods, and to obtain a profit from these.

4 Limited Government

A government in which the powers over the people are those determined and delegated to it by a written constitution. A limited government allows people to control government intervention through representation and voting power.

Join us in helping Puerto Ricans unleash their maximum potential and create their success.

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