Free Market in Puerto Rico

June 30, 2023

This quarter we published the report The Free Market in Puerto Rico 2022, with the results of our research on the knowledge of and affinity for free market principles in Puerto Rico.

Results of Puerto Rico in the economic freedom indexes

March 29, 2023

During this quarter, two economic freedom indexes were published in which Puerto Rico was included, for the first time, because of ILE's work. The first was the prestigious Economic Freedom of North America 2022 from the Fraser Institute and the second, License to Work: A National Study of Burdens from Occupational Licensing, 3rd Edition from the Institute for Justice.

What multisector leaders think about the market in Puerto Rico

December 20, 2022

Learn about the results of our Puerto Rico Free Market Landscape, which included 23 in-depth interviews with influential leaders in Puerto Rico, as well as 149 responses to an online questionnaire. The feedback collected was used to guide our strategic planning for the next two years.

Together for the free market and the future of Puerto Rico

May 16, 2022

As part of our programs at ILE, we want to educate about economic liberty and its benefits to give knowledge and power to the people. For this, we have started publishing a series of educational essays authored by distinguished university professors and other expert collaborators from Puerto Rico, the United States, and other countries.

Welcome to ILE

March 28, 2022

We are pleased to send you our first newsletter. Two years ago, we set out to create a free-market think tank to remove public sector barriers and enable equal opportunities for everyone in Puerto Rico to prosper. Thus, the Puerto Rico Institute for Economic Liberty (ILE) was born.

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