The BSN and the free market

Jorge L. Rodríguez
July 28, 2023

This year we have seen a resurgence of the National Superior Basketball (BSN, its acronym in spanish), with courts filled to capacity, high technology and shows before and at halftime like in the NBA. This coincides with the private investment of businessmen from Puerto Rico and the United States; a healthy and competent administration; and contracts to high quality reinforcements players, former NBA players. The result has been greater competitiveness and sports quality, as well as an increase in the number of fans on the courts and in television and radio audiences.

A Boricua's Migration Duel

Charleen Martínez Rodríguez
July 21, 2023

I am part of the 1.3% who have experienced acculturation and grief. The feeling of missing family, desiring typical food of the country, mastering another language, adapting to a new climate and work environment, has a significant impact on the physical and emotional health of the migrant. In the United States I found wonderful opportunities, but I have never lost the desire to return to my homeland.

Puerto Ricans are individualists

Ojel Rodriguez Burgos
June 14, 2023

Individualism is a defining characteristic of modernity. Previously, in traditional societies, the identity and position of the individual were dictated by a single way of living; but a new moral practice emerged within Western civilization creating the main root of modernity. This root is individualism - the ability of the individual to pursue his desires, his ends, and his moral identity.

Puerto Rican migration in search of economic freedom

Milton J. Quiles
August 22, 2022

When looking at other states and territories, it is notable that those with the highest net inbound migration are those with the lowest tax burdens, that encourage entrepreneurial activity, that are fiscally healthy, and that have strong economies. Likewise, those with the highest net outgoing migration are those that impose higher tax burdens and more regulations and offer fewer employment opportunities.

Puerto Rican migration in search of economic freedom
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