Puerto Rico can use guest workers, just like many states

Marc Joffe
March 15, 2023

The immigration fiasco on the southern border is not the only ongoing U.S. crisis involving an exodus of Spanish speakers. Since 2006, Puerto Rico has endured an economic and fiscal collapse that has seen nearly a million people emigrate to the mainland United States, which is now the home to more Puerto Ricans than the island itself.

The Heroes of Capitalism: Margaret Thatcher

Ramón Audet
September 19, 2022

One of the most pressing deficiencies of the defenders of the market economy: the lack of myths. In contrast to the left and its romanticization of symbols that were once the incarnation of the most stupendous oppression the earth has ever witnessed, the right and its families are orphaned of intellectual and political referents. Therefore, it is necessary to select and resignify some historical figures that, although we may disagree with certain actions, as a whole serve to embody values that we share.

Puerto Rican migration in search of economic freedom

Milton J. Quiles
August 22, 2022

When looking at other states and territories, it is notable that those with the highest net inbound migration are those with the lowest tax burdens, that encourage entrepreneurial activity, that are fiscally healthy, and that have strong economies. Likewise, those with the highest net outgoing migration are those that impose higher tax burdens and more regulations and offer fewer employment opportunities.

Puerto Rican migration in search of economic freedom

The reform of the labor reform: blow to competitiveness

Carlos E. Diaz Olivo
June 21, 2022

Instead of taking advantage of and promoting competition between the business sector, in order to ensure that they offer better compensation arrangements and employment conditions to attract the best available talent, the reform of the labor reform equalizes for all economic agents the basic costs of human capital, eliminating the aggressive competition that otherwise would have arisen.

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