Economic Liberty

Ayuso, tip, hook

Carlo Rodríguez Braun
April 12, 2023

Carlos Rodríguez Braun comments on the campaign of the Community of Madrid to encourage tipping and the reaction of the unions and the left to this campaign.

Anger with the situation in Puerto Rico

Juliana Acevedo Negron
March 6, 2023

However, in Puerto Rico so much beauty is overshadowed daily by the mistreatment of those who govern us. I have heard people say: "I don't pay attention to politics; they are all the same". Politics surrounds us in everything we live and affects everything we do. It is an essential element of living in a civilized society. Therefore, it is impossible not to pay attention to it.

Anger with the situation in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico, New York, And California Bottom Latest Economic Freedom Index

Adam A. Millsap
January 12, 2023

Economic freedom is vital for economic growth. If government makes it difficult for people to start businesses, choose their own work arrangements, or invest in companies, economic growth will stagnate. According to a new study, Puerto Rico, New York, and California provide the least economic freedom to their residents while Florida, New Hampshire, and South Dakota provide the most.

Economic Freedom Supports Opportunity

Vance Ginn, Ph.D.
January 9, 2023

If you’re poor and reside where there’s little economic freedom, then you have fewer opportunities to improve your livelihood compared with those living in more economically free places. The freedom to have the flexibility to control your future and leave a legacy to future generations with little influence by government supports human flourishing.

Economic Freedom Supports Opportunity

Dependence that hurts economic self-sufficiency

Gustavo Velez
December 19, 2022

Despite the collapse of the economic model brought about by the end of Section 936 (1996) and the eventual bankruptcy of the territorial government (2016), it is evident that Washington, much less the territory's officials, want to think about structural changes that would make it possible to devise an economic strategy that does not depend on federal aid. As it is, it appears that we will remain hostage for the short term. Local politicians and in some instances, business groups, have preferred to go to the federal capital to ask for new aid disconnected from a coherent economic development program.

Dependence that hurts economic self-sufficiency

Meloni: anyone who refuses a reasonable job loses unemployment benefits

Marcelo Duclos
December 5, 2022

The government's proposal is as simple as it is reasonable, but due to the current political discussion and debates, it is also controversial. According to the initiative, the person who is collecting the subsidy and receives a "reasonable" job offer, in case of refusing the job will automatically lose the government income. "For those who can work, the solution cannot be the Citizenship Income," Meloni said in his last speech in the Italian Parliament.

Meloni: anyone who refuses a reasonable job loses unemployment benefits

Students’ Family Background Matters

Ian Rowe
August 23, 2022

One implication stands out above all: That schools bring little influence to bear on a child’s achievement that is independent of his background and general social context; and that this very lack of an independent effect means that the inequalities imposed on children by their home, neighborhood, and peer environment are carried along to become the inequalities with which they confront adult life at the end of school.

We need more inequality, not less

Lipton Matthews
July 15, 2022

Unlike government-imposed privileges, markets are impartial observers of value. Political connections are unnecessary for actors to succeed in the free market; only the willingness to employ one's talents to serve consumers will reap success.

Entrepreneurship or populism: the two routes for Puerto Rico

Gustavo Velez
May 10, 2022

Faced with the failure of the State and with it the ability to finance populist measures, there is no other route than to build a society and an economy based on entrepreneurship and business initiative. Individual freedom and the promotion of self-effort as guiding principles of a new socioeconomic model supposes a complete reengineering of the prevailing thought during the second half of the 20th century and so far in the 21st century.

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