The Role of Government and the free Market

Ojel L. Rodríguez Burgos

January 3, 2023

The free-market system allows the individual to interact freely for the satisfaction of his conception of the good life within the rule of law. The individual as an agent is the main actor within the market; however, private, or public businesses and the State itself also figure as actors in the free market. In this article, we present the three ways in which the State acts in the free market.

The Right to Private Property

Juan Lara

December 14, 2022

Why is the right to private property important? What is the relationship between private property and economic liberty and free market economy? Why is private property related to economic efficiency and innovation? How do you protect the private property in Puerto Rico and the United States? What are the limits of private property?

Necessity Has Triumphed over Desire

Ojel L. Rodríguez Burgos

August 29, 2022

Liberalism is the political doctrine that built and dominates our modern world; yet the liberalism of desire that fostered the construction of this world has been transformed into a liberalism of necessity—a liberalism that constructs politics as a dichotomy between oppressors and victims. This kind of politics requires the power of the State to save individuals from victimhood; however, only the individual acting freely can mitigate their suffering.

Freedom and the Rule of Law

Ojel L. Rodríguez Burgos

August 29, 2022

The word freedom is used constantly, but little understood; to understand it, it is important to see the State as a civil association of individuals, where different ways of living and purposes coexist. This coexistence depends on a rule of law, which allows individuals to pursue their conception of the good life consistent with the rules of the association. The freedom requires a rule of law, which allows free action and cooperation of individuals in the market and thus benefits the economy.

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