Florida started penalizing bureaucratic delay. Housing permits spiked.

Last year, Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) signed a bill that fundamentally changes the state’s permitting process for home building. It requires local jurisdictions to post online not only their permitting processes but also the status of permit applications. The transparency takes a good amount of mystery out of what can be an inscrutable branch of bureaucracy.

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Hayden Dublois
July 25, 2022

Salinas, sad reflection of Puerto Rico

For those of us who have spent years navigating the tortuous planning and permitting process on the Island, it is obvious that there are anti-development visions and forces, of government leadership and with little respect for the right to use and enjoy private property. This vision permeates multiple laws and regulations, including the Land Use Plan. The timidity of our rulers and the lack of a firm public policy for economic development, articulated and based on science, not on electoral fears or on social networks, permeates even the desks of the officials responsible for the evaluation and granting of permits.

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Rafael Rojo
April 26, 2022

Free Enterprise

What is free enterprise? What role does it play in the economy and how does it relate to economic liberty? Why do different ways of interfering with free enterprise persist? What problems can interference with free enterprise cause? Under what circumstances is limiting the space for free enterprise justified?

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Juan Lara

September 29, 2021
Free Enterprise
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