The Institute of Economic Liberty for Puerto Rico is born to accelerate the socio-economic development on the Island.

  • The new non-government entity is founded under a profound belief that socioeconomic prosperity comes from the creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation of the individuals. 
  • Its efforts as a think tank are centered and motivated by the principles of the free market.

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO – – The space of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) on the Island has a new voice in the Institute of Economic Liberty for Puerto Rico (ILE). The non-profit and non-partisan entity is positioned as a generator of knowledge that will provide recommendations, to shape public policies that promote economic development in Puerto Rico.

ILE distinguishes itself from traditional think tanks in that it will not only conduct studies and produce reports based on hard data and within an established philosophical and academic school of thought, but will also be intimately involved in the development, coordination, implementation, and measurement of the proposals generated.

Founded by engineer and entrepreneur Jorge L. Rodríguez, the creation of ILE is a direct response to the delicate situation that the Island is experiencing: 15 years of economic recession, slow recovery from natural disasters such as hurricanes Irma and María and the 2020 earthquakes, deficient government institutions, bankruptcy and insolvency of public entities, mismanagement of federal funds, ineffective public policy and many other evils that limit development.

“At ILE, we believe that individual liberties, property rights, the rule of law, and a limited government underpin a healthy market economy, providing the greatest opportunity for freedom and prosperity for all. Prosperity comes when society respects the dignity of each individual and the right to express their creativity, entrepreneurship, and innovation in the markets. We believe that people, entrepreneurs, and businesspeople should see themselves as the active agents that they are and not as passive victims; they must be empowered, not trapped under a bureaucracy that undermines their efforts,” Rodríguez said.

ILE operates under the belief that entrepreneurs and companies are more likely to succeed when they are not constrained by poor market policies. Through its programs, the NGO seeks to identify and remove barriers in the public sector and promote policy reforms based on solutions rooted in free-market principles, which promote the ideals of freedom and individual responsibility, the rule of law, the right to property, and a limited government.

The directors of ILE consider that the mission of their NGO is ambitious but achievable, which is why they are committed to multi-sector collaboration to take advantage of resources, knowledge, and leadership from outstanding professionals in various fields, including the public sector, the private sector, academia, other NGOs, community organizations, and the diaspora, among others.

“Our model is a participatory one, bringing all sectors to the table and, using the knowledge and principles of the free market, to identify the best strategies and speed up the impact. We have experienced professionals from various areas, to promote the collaboration of different sectors, share new ideas, and create synergies, all united by the mission of transforming Puerto Rico,” said Rodríguez.

In its launch phase, ILE will develop projects in core areas such as: knowing what is the understanding and affinity of the principles of the free market in Puerto Rico; creating educational essays, to be used by the universities, stakeholders, and the general public, regarding economic liberty, free market, and the history of Puerto Rico and the free market; and collecting data to include the Island ―for the first time― in the Doing Business North America (a report on the ease of doing business), License To Work (a study regarding the burdens derived from occupational licenses), and Economic Freedom North America (an index of economic freedom).

About the Institute of Economic Freedom for Puerto Rico.

Created in 2019, the Institute of Economic Freedom for Puerto Rico (ILE) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO), registered as a 501(c)(3) non-partisan entity. In its role as a developer of ideas, ILE has the goal of identifying and removing barriers in the public sector, to provide opportunities and enable the prosperity of all residents of Puerto Rico in a market economy. Through multisectoral and participatory collaboration, ILE seeks to develop economic public policy supported by scientific research; promote principles, ideas, and solutions based on free-market principles; find answers from the government about actions that interfere with the potential of the individual and the free market in Puerto Rico; educate and engage the people of Puerto Rico in reforms that create opportunity. Learn more at or on IG: @ilepuertorico, FB: @ilepuertorico


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