San Juan is the most difficult U.S. city to do business in, according to a new report

The Puerto Rican capital ranks last in an analysis that included 83 U.S. cities.

San Juan is preceded by Los Angeles, New York City, Newark, and Fresno. (David Villafañe Ramos)

A report by the Center for the Study of Economic Liberty at Arizona State University has ranked San Juan as the worst city to do business in when compared to major US cities.

In the fourth edition of the “Doing Business North America 2022″ report, the Puerto Rican capital ranked last among 83 U.S. cities in the ease of doing business report.

This is the first time that San Juan participates in the report, as a result of the Puerto Rico Institute for Economic Liberty’s (ILE) collaboration with the Center for the Study of Economic Liberty.

According to the report, the ease of doing business refers to how favorable a jurisdiction’s regulatory framework and public policies are for starting and operating a business.

According to the report, “the ease of doing business refers to the extent to which the regulatory framework and public policy are favorable for business creation and operation in a given jurisdiction”.

The report scored and ranked cities in 90 variables and 30 indicators in six categories: “Starting a Business,” “Employing Workers”, “Getting Electricity”, “Paying Taxes”, “Land and Space Use”, and “Resolving Insolvency.

On a scale of 0 to 100, San Juan ranked last with a score of 40.55. However, other cities expected to be more efficient at doing business did not fare well.

San Juan, for example, is preceded by Los Angeles (56.29), New York City (61.39), Newark (61.50), and Fresno (61.53).

“The components of the study are 2% federal, 70% state, 4% county, and 24% municipal; therefore, San Juan’s results could be considered a reflection of Puerto Rico”, reads the study.

The study said that San Juan’s results can be considered a reflection of Puerto Rico, noting that 70 percent of the variables in the study were statewide and 24 percent were municipal.

According to the report: “The top five U.S. cities for ease of doing business in the Doing Business North America 2022 Report are Salt Lake City, with a score of 84.86 on a scale of 0 to 100, followed by Boise (83.87), Raleigh (83.22), Atlanta (82.37), and Charlotte (81.87)”.

This article was originally published by El Nuevo Dia.

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