Efforts undertaken by ILE to promote and foster the values of economic liberty and free market within Puerto Rico and elsewhere.

Survey on Free Market Principles in Puerto Rico

A survey to individuals from multiple sectors throughout Puerto Rico to assess their understanding and affinity with the free market principles.

Puerto Rico Free Market Historiographic Study

A study on the development of ideas and actions in favor of economic liberty and free market in Puerto Rican society.

Free Market Indices

A project to obtain the necessary data to include Puerto Rico in the three principal free market indices in United States of America.

Doing Business North America

This report scores and ranks cities over a long timeframe and is a tool for policymakers and scholars to analyze beneficial economic improvements that can contribute the well-designed liberalization of business regulations and policies.

License to Work

This study examines the scope and specific burdens of occupational licensing and documents the licensing requirements for 102 lower-income occupations across all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Economic Freedom of North America

This report is an attempt to gauge the extent of the descriptions on economic freedom imposed by governments in North America. It measures economic freedom at the subnational and all government levels.

ILE is a partner of Fraser Institute
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