Articles with a practical approach about the principles of economic liberty and free market.

Economic Liberty

The right to earn a living in the occupation of your choice without unnecessary government intervention.

Free Market

An economic system based on supply and demand with minimal or no government intervention.

Individual Liberties

The liberty of an individual to exercise those rights generally accepted as being outside of government control.

Rule of Law

Concise, consistent, and systematic enforcement of the rule of law, equal protection before the law, and impartial enforcement of breaches of the law, gives everyone a clear understanding of the options available and empowers us to better plan our options.

Property Rights

The rights of individuals and organizations to own and use goods, and to obtain a profit from these.

Limited Government

A government in which the powers over the people are those determined and delegated to it by a written constitution. A limited government allows people to control government intervention through representation and voting power.

Challenges of Classical Liberalism

Improper and even illegal behaviors, such as the exploitation of advantages and privileges, that divert the legitimate business objective of making profits.

Puerto Rico and the Free Market

Articles on the economic and political development of Puerto Rico, as well as free market perspectives on the Island.

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