The Moral Argument as a Foundation of the Free Market: A Call to the Advocates of Economic Freedom in Puerto Rico

Senator Rafael Bernabe's statements in Jacobin magazine that there is "fertile ground for anti-capitalist ideas to advance in Puerto Rico" exemplifies the inclusion of socialism in the Western political tradition. Although socialism is refuted with scientific and historical evidence, there are still forces on the island that maintain the hope of promoting anti-free market policies and ideas.

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Ayuso, tip, hook

Carlos Rodríguez Braun comments on the campaign of the Community of Madrid to encourage tipping and the reaction of the unions and the left to this campaign.

A President Who Warned Americans What Extravagant Federal Spending Would Do to Character

In August 2023, when we mark the centennial of Calvin Coolidge’s ascendance to the presidency upon the unexpected death of Warren Harding, we should celebrate his devotion to economy in government—and not just that he talked about it, but mainly because he delivered on it.

Occupational licenses, a barrier to individual prosperity

Occupational licensing - state regulation of particular jobs - presents barriers to the economic freedom of individuals. Over time, the state has increased regulation of occupations, thereby increasing labor costs and subsistence, and limiting opportunities for access to jobs and trades. This has raised concerns for individuals, legislators and multi-sector leaders who seek to reform the sector to promote freedoms, including economic freedom, and economic growth.

The reforms that will save Puerto Rico

The preliminary costs of the bankruptcy, amounting to $1 billion so far, should be a powerful incentive for us to force structural reforms that will save Puerto Rico from a second bankruptcy and an economic cliff. It would be an act of collective folly to ignore the reasons that led us into the fiscal hole and to have become the first state government in the United States to file for bankruptcy.

Puerto Rico can use guest workers, just like many states

The immigration fiasco on the southern border is not the only ongoing U.S. crisis involving an exodus of Spanish speakers. Since 2006, Puerto Rico has endured an economic and fiscal collapse that has seen nearly a million people emigrate to the mainland United States, which is now the home to more Puerto Ricans than the island itself.

Anger with the situation in Puerto Rico

However, in Puerto Rico so much beauty is overshadowed daily by the mistreatment of those who govern us. I have heard people say: "I don't pay attention to politics; they are all the same". Politics surrounds us in everything we live and affects everything we do. It is an essential element of living in a civilized society. Therefore, it is impossible not to pay attention to it.

Puerto Rico, New York, And California Bottom Latest Economic Freedom Index

Economic freedom is vital for economic growth. If government makes it difficult for people to start businesses, choose their own work arrangements, or invest in companies, economic growth will stagnate. According to a new study, Puerto Rico, New York, and California provide the least economic freedom to their residents while Florida, New Hampshire, and South Dakota provide the most.

Economic Freedom Supports Opportunity

If you’re poor and reside where there’s little economic freedom, then you have fewer opportunities to improve your livelihood compared with those living in more economically free places. The freedom to have the flexibility to control your future and leave a legacy to future generations with little influence by government supports human flourishing.

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Lessons from Messi and Di María for Politicians in LatAm and Europe

What can they learn about competition, free trade, poverty, regulation, and innovation on both sides of the Atlantic? Argentina's triumph in the World Cup organized by Qatar has given Lionel Messi the last trophy he was missing. Argentina's achievement has also left several lessons that can be extrapolated far beyond soccer. Here are three lessons that our politicians can learn from the world champions.

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